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Award winning director and producer, Emil has directed documentaries and for highly acclaimed organizations in China, Europe, the USA, and across Canada, as well as directed and produced highly acclaimed music videos for Juno Award nominated artists and composers, some of which have gone viral. His latest feature documentary, The True North Project, has garnered international awards for Directing and Editing, was a finalist for the European Cinematography Awards, won Best Documentary at the Monaco International Film Festival and was screened worldwide.


Frequently operating as a project leader, Emil specializes in creatively directing cross media projects integrating film and internet technology and frequently pushes the boundaries of what filmmaking is and how it is appreciated, frequently marrying analogue mediums such as traditional animation and in camera projection design with cutting edge digital filmmaking techniques and methods of dissemination. Emil has creatively lead the development of apps, websites, and platforms with the throughline of disseminating media in a maverick way. 


A trained cellist, Emil has a strong connection with music and constantly plays with the role of music in film and film in music. His music videos have been distributed internationally and premiered at festivals, museums, album launches, and other events worldwide, receiving national TV and newspaper coverage, frequently featuring original animation techniques and silent film-like storytelling aspects. His films have received critical reviews, including a stellar review from Yair Raveh, one of Israel's leading film critics.


Currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Emil owns and operates his own company providing film production and live streaming services, Emil Agopian Film, equipped with an in-house suite of industry standard film production and livestream equipment. His cinematically oriented live streaming services and custom platform,, have livestreamed for multiple organizations including the University of Calgary (Live-streaming all performances from the School of Creative and Performing Arts), Calgary Pro Musica, Prairie Debut, Artsplace Canmore, ProArts, Land’s End Ensemble, and various corporate entities. Frequently blending music video sensibilities and live projection animation with shows either streamed or with an audience, Emil prioritizes collaboration with musicians and concert presenters to deliver an innovative end product. 


Frequent clients (music video, documentary, live projection animation, and/or livestream work)


The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

The University of Calgary

Morningside Music Bridge International

SAIT Polytechnic

Land’s End Ensemble

Luminous Voices

Calgary Pro Musica


Prairie Debut

Artsplace Canmore

The Chinook Country Historical Society



Sandstone City

Theatre Encounter

Screened around the world, The True North Project has been acclaimed as ambassador of the ideologies and sensibilities of Canada to the world, spreading a message of peace, reconciliation, and finding home. Directed by Emil Agopian.


BEST DOCUMENTARY: Monaco International Film Festival

BEST EDITING: London International Cinema Festival

WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY FEATURE WINNER: Amsterdam International Film Festival

FINALIST: European Cinematography Awards

The True North Project is a celebration of Canada’s multiethnic society and its ongoing process of reconciliation with the indigenous community. In this celebration of diversity, artists from vastly different backgrounds are brought together to create a collaborative work for orchestra. The documentary focuses on national identity and the idea of where “home” is, in a country where 20 percent of the population is foreign born. The film offers insights into the creative processes of artists from different cultural backgrounds and from different regions of Canada, as they work together towards a common goal. The documentary is about hope for the future, and brings attention to the enrichments brought by the coexistence of different peoples and cultures within the framework of a nation.

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