Emil Agopian Film represents a collective of talented filmmakers, artists and media innovators who are hand-picked for a project of any scale.


From a small documentary team to a fully crewed set, Emil Agopian Film firmly believes in nurturing independent artistic voices within a powerfully cohesive team.

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About Emil

Award winning director, interviewer, producer, and show projection designer, Emil has directed documentaries in China, Europe, the USA, and across Canada. His latest feature, The True North Project, has garnered international awards for Directing and Animation/Editing, was a finalist for the European Cinematography Awards, won Best Documentary at the Monaco International Film Festival, and was screened at other festivals worldwide. 

"I am always looking for original voices that will distinguish our creative projects. Emil is the type of distinctive creator I enjoy working with. His work looks and feels ‘different’ without being quirky or contrived. His films speak eloquently and clearly in a sophisticated but natural manner. They make me pay attention."


- Paul Dornian, President & CEO

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"It is not often that I come across as passionate, creative, capable, and impressive a young artist as Emil Agopian."


- Dr. Moses Renert, Director and Founder

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